Kwik Mix Concrete

Blinkbonny Quarry is offering a revolutionary method of supplying concrete. Instead of the traditional method of delivering “ready mixed” concrete Blinkbonny Kwik Mix have placed a batching plant on the back of a lorry.


The batching plant can be set on site to produce any specification of concrete required and can be controlled to the nearest shovelfull, eliminating wasted concrete and unfinished jobs.


The mixer has over 5 metres of reach and is able to place concrete in areas, which conventional mixers cannot reach, its unique design means that freshly mixed concrete is available at any location no matter how far from the quarry.


Our machine can carry 7M3 but can leave concrete in quarter of a M3 amounts, so if a job takes 4.75 M3 we will take the rest away and you only pay for what you lay, no “Part Load Charge” We all know how difficult it is to estimate so here is the answer, no more ordering 4 M3 and then another half M3 to finish the job.


Our customers include Local and national contractors, local authorities, builders, farmers and private customers. No job is too small for us, gives us a try you won’t be disappointed